S. Lorenzo & surroundings - Sights
Hl. Laurentius Parish Church
The Parish Church is one of the oldest churches in the entire Puster Valley. It was first mentioned in an official document in the 11th century. Mother Mary with baby Jesus with the grape near the left side altar is a very precious piece of art. This is the rest of a winged altar, which was carved by sculptor Michael Pacher from Brunico around 1460. Drastic illustrations of the crucifixion with the putting on of the crown of thorns, and illustrations of Purgatory can be found in the Egerer Chapel.

The "Antiquarium" is a museum which tells the history of S. Lorenzo. Prehistoric findings from the surroundings from the Stone Age to antiquity are on display in the museum. An archaeological educational path was realised at the "Sonnenburger Kopf".

The village of Teodone hosts the South Tyrolean Museum of Natural Science in the Mair Residene with an open-air museum with farms.

The village of Vandoies offers the Loden adventure world, where you get information on the development of loden fabric, which is used to make traditional jackets.